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Over 300 Class 104 vehicles cannot operate for 35 years in daily service without some errors of operation and accidents occuring. Indeed many of the Class 104 fleet were involved in accidents, some more severe than others, the details for which are featured here.

It is not intended to be a complete listing of all accidents in which Class 104's were involved, rather it aims to offer an interesting selection for the interest of readers. In a similar fashion to our Mainline Gallery, more accidents will be added over time.

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Premature Withdrawal

The first class 104 withdrawals due to vehicles becoming surplus to requirements were in the early 1980's on the Eastern Region, therefore any withdrawals and disposals earlier than 1980 are considered premature. Some of these withdrawals were due to accident damage which was not authorised to be repaired. Below is a list of all vehicles which were withdrawn from service prior to 1980.

M50438 July 1974 October 1974
M50441 May 1969 October 1969
M50486 February 1979 November 1979
M50489 October 1976 November 1979
M50495 March 1977 November 1979
M50513 November 1963 November 1963
M59154 November 1968 June 1969
M59167 November 1968 March 1969
M59170 November 1968 June 1969
E50552 May 1978 March 1981
E50558 July 1967 January 1968
E50599 September 1977 January 1978
E50569 August 1969 October 1969
E50592 July 1967 February 1968
E59196 May 1971 November 1972
E59202 September 1972 July 1973
E59204 October 1977 September 1982
E59205 June 1976 October 1981
E59222 March 1962 December 1963

London Midland Region Accidents

Eastern Region Accidents