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The Class 104 on British Railways

The largest single collection of images featuring Class 104 Diesel Multiple Units, in use on British Rail(ways) from 1957-2000


The aim for this part of our website is to collect and display as many images as possible of Class 104 Diesel Units during their main British Railways career. This covers the period from introduction in 1957, through 35 years of daily service, ending in some scrap yard scenes, where 289 of the 302 vehicles ended their days.

The Collection
This online collection stands at over 1,300 images, and is the largest single resource for Class 104 images in the world; but without the generous permission given by the original photographers it would simply not be possible. The group appreciates their permission to have their record of these trains used here.

How to use
Due to the number of images required to load, usually ten driving vehicles are included on each page, please click the number range of the vehicles in the boxes below to view them. Centre cars and unidentified vehicles have their own pages, which may take some time to load. Some vehicles were renumbered during their lives but all are listed here with their original numbers, so for 53XXX and 54XXX vehicles, please see 50XXX and 56XXX respectively. All images appear as thumbnails, the full size image is viewed by clicking on the picture.

Latest Updates
25/2/17: 10 images added to "LM 3-car sets" (highlighted yellow)
18/6/16: 50 images added to all five sections
22/2/16: 50 images added to "LM 3-car sets", "LM 2-car sets", "ER 4-car sets" & "Unidentified Vehicles"

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London Midland Region 2-car sets

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Eastern Region 2-car sets

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Unidentified Vehicles (all regions/eras)



There are still many gaps in the collection, particularly of vehicles in green livery and vehicles allocated to the Eastern Region. If you have any images that could appear in these galleries, we'd be very interested to include them. Please contact us for more information on how to submit images.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Andy Gibbs, Chris Tolley, Colin Brooks, Dave Rowland & Paul S A Redmond for the use of their images.