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The BRCW Group are providers of Class 104 railcars which are hired either directly to the heritage railways that we are based on, or indirectly to other railcar groups who then operate them at their discretion. This means we adapt to the operational requirements of these organisations which can make it difficult to reliably advertise when our vehicles are in public service. However we aim to advertise as many dates as possible on this page when our operational Class 104 sets are in service:

East Lancashire Railway

2-car set M50455/M50517

Where possible, running dates are advertised on the ELR Diesel Group website's Loco Roster page.

50517 2017-11-05.jpg

North Norfolk Railway

Trailer car M56182

Railcars run on all Blue, Green and Red timetable days advertised on the NNR's Opening Dates page, along with some special events. Unfortunately due to the intense railcar running schedule it has proven difficult to accurately advertise which days M56182 is to run. However if visiting the railway and you wish to know whether M56182 is booked to operate, please E-mail Chris Moxon who will do his best to answer.

Note: M56182 currently normally runs with Class 101 powercar M51188.

Llangollen Railway

2-car set M50454/M50528

Running dates are advertised on the homepage of the Llangollen Railcars website at the bottom - look out for "Class 104".

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