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The London Midland region was the true home of the Class 104. It was where they were built, where the most number of vehicles were allocated, where they operated first and where they operated longest. The majority of the vehicles which survived into preservation were from the London Midland fleet. Originally there were 56 three-car sets supplemented by 10 two-car sets, a total of 188 built to four differing designs (DMBS, DMCL, DTCL & TCL).


Images of each individual vehicle are listed where possible, chronologically. There are separate pages for images of unidentified vehicles.

Numbering Guide

The London Midland sets were grouped into three batches. The first was the "pilot batch" which were four 3-car sets, originally formed DMBS-TCL-DMCL. DMBS's were 50420-423, TCL's 59132-135 & DMCL's 50424-427, the first set was therefore formed 50420-59132-50424. The second batch were the "production" 3-car sets, also formed formed DMBS-TCL-DMCL. DMBS's were 50428-479, TCL's 59136-187 & DMCL's 50480-531, the first set was therefore formed 50428-59136-50480. The final batch was a small fleet of ten 2-car sets, formed DMBS-DTCL. DMBS's were 50532-541 & DTCL's 56175-184, the first set was therefore formed 50532-56175. As time went on, original formations were disbanded and from the 1970's onwards it was rare to find original vehicles still matched in sets.

Power Cars


Trailer Cars


Unidentified Vehicles

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