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The Eastern region was the secondary location for the Class 104's. After the London Midland Region had been suitably furnished, the North Eastern Region received its own, larger, four coach sets during 1958. Whilst outwardly similar in appearance, the Eastern Region vehicles were all different internally to the Midland examples, the most obvious difference being that the internal panelling was Formica laminate rather than the earlier varnished wood. There were 26 four-car sets delivered, supplemented by just 5 two-car sets, a total of 114 vehicles built to five differing designs (DMBS, DMCL, DTCL, TBSL & TSL). The Eastern Region fleets were withdrawn en-masse in the early 1980's before DMU preservation had been properly established. However two vehicles sneaked into preservation, as a direct result of BR transferring them to the Midland Region which gave them a further ten years of mainline use, long enough for them to last to the end of Class 104 operations with their Midland Region cousins.


Images of each individual vehicle are listed where possible, chronologically. There are separate pages for images of unidentified vehicles.

Numbering Guide

The Eastern Region sets were grouped into three batches. The first two batches were the 4-car sets, formed DMCL (smoking)-TSL-TBSL-DMCL (non smoking). DMCL's (smoking) were 50542-562/584-588, DMCL's (non smoking) 50563-583/589-593, TSL's 59188-208/230-234 & TBSL's 59209-229/240-244, the first set was therefore formed 50542-59188-59209-50563. The final batch was a small fleet of five 2-car sets, formed DMBS-DTCL. DMBS's were 50594-598 & DTCL's 56185-189, the first set was therefore formed 50594-56185. As time went on, original formations were disbanded and from the 1970's onwards it was rare to find original vehicles still matched in sets.

Power Cars


Trailer Cars


Unidentified Vehicles

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