Green Liveried Vehicles

One of the five 2-car sets (E50594-598 leading) standing at Penrith - presumably having worked across from the North East area. A Metro Cammell set of some description is behind

A 2-car set (one of E56185-189 leading), in the early 1960's at Haltwhistle probably working the Alston branch (W S Sellar)

A 4-car set passing a Class 111 3-car, probably in the late 1950's (R W Carroll)

A 4-car set at Botanic Gardens, Hull (Les Storry)

The end of a 4-car set at Botanic Gardens, Hull (Les Storry)

Two 4-car sets between Grosmont and Goathland, presumably on a special (Stuart Mackay Collection)

A set an Hornsea, taken in or before 1964 (the year the station closed) (D J Mitchell)

A 4-car set at Anlaby Road Level Crossing, Hull. Note the "Bodyside markings" are a photoshopped addition! (Hull The Good Old Days)

A 4-car set at Leeds, likely to be the early 1960's (EdgeHillSignalman)

Blue Liveried Vehicles

A 4-car set at an unknown location (John Turner)

A 4-car set at Anlaby Road (John Turner)

A DMCL east of Mossely substituting for a class 124 powercar on maintenance

The Peterborough-Ipswich service has tail load traffic, near Bury St Edmunds (Ian Dinmore)

One of the Eastern Region DMBS vehicles, 50594-598, arriving into Weeton paired with a Class 101 (BRCW Collection)

Passing a Class 101 at Newcastle (ijr65)

Heading for Great Yarmouth, passing a Class 31 at Acle (Neville Edrich)

BX492 stabled in the centre road at Buxton (Stuart)

A DMCL formed in a Stratford "mix and match" 3-car set with Class 116 vehicles (Peter Boor)

A 3-car set, unknown location but one suggestion is Fambridge on the Southminster branch. The Wickford destination blind would support that theory (Peter Boor)

Norwich set 82 at Cambridge (Alan-Warren)

Norwich set 85 at Shelford, on a Cambridge-Bishops Stortford working. The vacant trackbed on the right was the former branch to Haverhill. This is possibly E50585, but more solid ID is required (Alan-Warren)

Norwich set 77 stands at Cambridge, with a 105 DTCL behind during the early 1980's (Graeme Phillips)

Scarborough, early 1970's. A class 110 is on the left (Graeme Phillips)

Norwich sets 76 & 63 at their "home city".

Norwich set 78 at its "home city".

Norwich's set 86 passes Wymondham