Below are any items that the BRCW Group currently have for sale or hire. They are not traditional fund raising sales items for the public such as T-shirts and mugs, they are more like spare parts more suitable for fellow preservationists. However then can of course be purchased by anybody!

Cab Dimmer Switch Plate

DESCRIPTION: Originally used by British Railways in many cabs of diesel locomotives and railcars produced throughout the 1950's & 1960's. These resistor switches, produced by Cressall, dimmed the control desk lighting inside the cabs to prevent the lights causing distractions to drivers at night after reflections on nearby glass disrupted night vision. The switches were mostly removed in later years. These replica discs have been produced (using an original surviving  example) so that a false switch can be fitted to preserved cabs as a cosmetic feature (note only the backing disc has been produced, not the switch itself) to give a historically accurate cab desk. The original rotary switches were mounted behind the panel, passed through the hole in the centre and were finished with a Bakelite "chicken head" knob similar to the one pictured here. The discs are approximately 3 inches in diameter.

NUMBER IN STOCK: Now sold out but subject to further expressions of interest, further production runs can be made in the future.


PRODUCED: November 2017

PRICE: £17.50 each (price includes postage)

TO ORDER: E-mail with your name, delivery address and number of discs required.